Listing policies

Name File Division Last Revision Date Summary
Liability/Escrow Accounts and Related Controls OAC-Liability_Escrow_Accounts_and_Related_Controls_2019.pdf OAC 2019-01-31 Set controls for liability/escrow accounts in the State's RI-FANS accounting system.
Licensure Policy Licensure_Policy.pdf DHR 2018-08-02 Notifying state employees of their responsibility to obtain and maintain appropriate licensure and certification required for their job classification.
Litigation Hold Policy Litigation_Hold_Policy_10-10-19.pdf Legal 2010-10-19 This policy sets forth the authority and process for initiating, implementing, monitoring, and releasing litigation holds.
Media Handling and Security Policy ETSS_Policy_05-01_Media_Protection__MP_.pdf DoIT 2022-11-08 To establish policy for effectively handling and securing media in a manner that protects the confidentiality and integrity of data maintained on digital and non-digital media.
Mobile Device Security Policy ETSS_Policy_10-04_Mobile_Device_Security.pdf DoIT 2020-08-28 Establish policy for effectively managing and securing mobile devices that store, process, or transmit state data.
Moving- Relocation Expenses A-59_Moving-Relocation_Expenses_Signed_05-21-18.pdf OAC 2018-05-21 Guidelines for state employees to be eligible for moving or relocation expenses.
Non-Exempt Travel Policy HR_Non-Exempt_Travel_Policy_3-6-19.pdf DHR 2019-03-06 The purpose of this Non-Exempt Travel Policy is to establish the pay rules that apply to non-exempt or "standard" (overtime eligible) employees when traveling on State business and to ensure compliance with government regulations.
Nursing Mothers in State Employment 062818_NursingMothers_Final.pdf DHR 2018-06-28 New mothers in state employment can request space to nurse or express milk. Policy also outlines accommodations and privacy for these mothers.
OMB Quarterly Report and Corrective Action Plan Policy OMB_Quarterly_Reports_Policy_8-23-19.pdf OMB 2019-08-23 Policies and procedures for the development of quarterly reports and agency corrective action plans.
ORR Regulatory Review Submission Guidance OMB_ORR-_Regulatory_Review-Submission-Guidance.pdf OMB 2016-09-01 Provides step by step instuctions for how to submit executive branch regulations to the Office of Regulatory Reform (ORR) for review. Agencies submit all regulations to ORR's online system before they move forward in the rulelmaking process.
Out-of-State Travel Policy A-22_Out_of_State_Travel_Policy_Effective_7.1.18.pdf OAC 2018-07-01 To have a state-wide agency coordinate all requiremnts for air travel, surface transportation, and lodging for all state employees.
Overtime Policy OMB_Overtime_Policy_6-5-19.pdf OMB 2019-06-05 Establishes overtime approval processes and procedures to ensure that the use of overtime work is kept to a minimum consistent with the needs and requirements of administration of State government.
P-6 Compensatory Time Procedure P-6_CompensatoryTime.pdf OAC 2018-02-01 Policy provides guidelines for Human Resources and Payroll regarding paying accrued compensatory time not yet discharged or paid at time of termination from state service.
Payment of Claims for Property Damage or Loss Claims Policy A-49_Payment_of_Claims_for_Property_Damage_or_Loss_Claims_Policy_Signed_8-8-18_w_Affidavit.pdf OAC 2018-08-08 Policies and Procedures which determines eligibility for coverage for property loss/damage.
Payments for Coffee Breaks, etc A-36_Payments_for_Refreshments_Lunches_Dinners_Revised_05_01_16.pdf OAC 2000-07-01 Policy guidelines governing state-offered meals.
Payments for Grant Awards Funded Exclusively with General Revenue A-7_GrantAwardsGeneralRevenue.pdf OAC 2016-07-01 Policy outlines payments for grant awards funded using general revenue at all executive branch agencies.
Payments for Refreshments, Lunches, Dinners, Etc. A-36_PaymentsRefreshmentsFood.pdf OAC 2016-05-01 Policy outlines circumstances under which purchase of food and beverages is allowed. Details procedures to make said purchases.
Payroll Policy P-3-15 RIPTA Transit Pass AC_302Q_Payroll_Policy_P-3-15_RIPTA_Transit_Pass_Revised_1-15-16.pdf OAC 2016-01-15 Allows for a payroll election that pays for RIPTA passes for their personal use only.
Payroll Policy P-4 Retirement Code Procedure Payroll_Policy_P-4_Retirement_Code_Procedure_Signed_06-08-18.pdf OAC 2018-02-01 The procedure in which state employees become eligible for retirement contributions, by using the retirement code.
Personal Social Media Use Policy Social_Media_Use_Policy_Final.pdf DHR 2020-10-29 The Personal Social Media Use Policy provides clear guidance about how to ensure that the use of social media by employees of the State complies with the Rhode Island Code of Ethics, the Employee Conduct/Ethics policy in the State’s Employee Handbook, and all other applicable policies, laws, regulations and directives.