Listing policies

Name File Division Last Revision Date Summary
Accounting for Interagency Cooperative Agreements AC_110_A-10_Accounting_for_Interagency_Cooperative_Agreements.pdf OAC 2003-07-01 This is the applicable policy and guidelines for dealing with interagency cooperative agreements.
Administrative Procedures Act Regulatory Manual OMB__Adm_Procedures_Act_Regulatory_Manual.pdf OMB 2016-08-01 Provides executive branch agencies with guidance on how to comply with the Administrative Procedures Act as updated in 2016. The APA sets out the process for creating, amending and repealing state regulations.
Advance/Prepayment Policy PURCHASES_Advance_Payment_Policy_6-11-20.pdf DoP 2020-06-11 This policy provides guidance and procedures for the payment of goods and/or services procured by the State in advance of receiving such goods and/or services.
Analyzing Regulatory Benefit and Costs OMB_Analyzing-Regulatory-Benefits-and-Costs.pdf OMB 2015-09-01 Provides guidance on how to perform benefit cost analysis on policy and regulations. Analysis of societal benefit and costs is required by the Office of Regulatory Reform (ORR) for all new and amended regulations
Annual Cybersecurity Awareness Training CYBER_Awareness_Training_10-1-18.pdf Cyber 2018-10-01 State employees must complete annual cybersecurity awareness training.
Appointment of Authorized Agents AC_106_A-6_Appointment_of_Authorized_Agents_Revised_12-1-14.pdf OAC 2014-12-01 To relieve directors of certain responsibilities, an authorized agent may act on behalf of the appointing director.
Audit and Accountability Policy DOIT_10-13_Audit_and_Accountability_Policy_7-31-14.pdf DoIT 2014-07-31 to provide the Agency with policy, standards and guidelines for establishing and effectively managing an Information Systens Audit and Accountability program at the Agency
Bond Fund Expenditures AC_217_E-17_Bond_Fund_Expenditures.pdf OAC 2003-05-01 Guidelines governing the expednitures of bond funds.
Budget Adjustments to the Enacted Budget OMB_Budget_Adjustments_Policy_8-23-19.pdf OMB 2019-08-23 The purpose of this policy is to establish rules and guidelines for agencies requesting to spend above appropriations contained in the enacted budget.
Budgetary Control Policy OMB_Budgetary_Controls_Policy_8-23-19.pdf OMB 2019-08-23 The purpose of this policy is to establish budgetary rules and guidelines for agencies in the RIF ANS accounting and Ocean State Procures systems.
Building Closure Policy DOA_Building_Closure_Policy.pdf DOA 2019-03-12 To establish parameters and expectations for employees in the event of state building closure.
Cash Receipts Cut-Off and Revenue Recognition AC_161_A-61_Cash_Receipts_Cut-Off_and_Revenue_Recognition.pdf OAC 2014-01-23 Polciy aimed at ensuriong that the state is consistent with its financial reporting with the modified accrual basis.
Configuration Management Policy DOIT_10-14_Configuration_Management_Policy_7-31-14.pdf DoIT 2014-07-31 To establish a Configuration Management Policy for effectively managing risk associated with changes to and tha have an impact on system configurations, baseline configuration settings and overall information system security,
Coronavirus Relief Fund Indirect and Administrative Costs PRO_CRF_Indirect_and_Administrative_Costs_7.28.20.pdf PRO 2020-07-28 This policy provides guidance for the application of indirect cost rates and administrative costs to Coronavirus Relief Fund (“CRF”) awards.
COVID Direct Award Authorization to Spend Approval Process PRO-Request_for_Authorization_to_Spend_COVID_Award_7.24.20.pdf PRO 2020-07-24 This COVID Direct Award Authorization to Spend Approval Process sets forth the review and approval process for state departments and quasi-public corporations seeking approval to spend direct awards from federal awarding agencies that are related to the coronavirus pandemic.
COVID-19 Exempt Compensatory Time Policy - Revised 1-01-21 Covid19_Exempt_Position_Compensatory_Time_Policy_Human_Resources_2020.pdf DHR 2021-01-01 The purpose of this policy is to provide for compensatory time for FLSA exempt employees' who preformed work well beyond regular work hours as result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This policy is separate from the Exempt Position Compensatory Time Policy issued in 2019.
Data Encryption DOIT_05-03_Data_Encryption_Policy_6-9-09.pdf DoIT 2009-04-13 Information held by public organizations can include social security numbers, credit card numbers and home addresses of Rhode Island citizens. Government, in particular, is responsible for informatrion that protects public health and saftety. Individuals with malicious intent can easily acquire information being transmitted electronically unless appropriate security measures are applied, such as encryption. If detected, the credentials employees use to access daa and system can provide unauthorized access which can lead to critical data being modified, deleted and ultimately unavailable. For these reasons very sensitive information must be protected through encryption methods.
Desktop Operating System Policy DOIT_10-02_Desktop_Operating_Systems_Policy_6-14-06.pdf DoIT 2006-06-14 The Policy details how operating systemas on the State owned desktop and mobile computers are deployed and supported by the RI Division of Information Technology DoIT
DNS Configuration Standards DOIT_02-07_DNS_Configuration_Standard_4-30-13.pdf DoIT 2013-03-17 To define an effective, scalable, secure and manageable Domain Name Service DNS design and to facilitate one standardized infrasturcture for the States DNS. The Division of Information Technology DoIT shall govern the implementation and operation of Domain Name Service DNS design on the States enterprise network
E Mail Configurations Standards DOIT_02-05_Email_Configuration_Standard_3-17-13.pdf DoIT 2013-03-17 To define an effective, scalable, seure and manageable Physical Environment design and to facilitate one standarized infrasturction for the States IT Environment. The Division of Information Technology shall govern the implementation and operation of these standards.