Listing policies

Name File Division Last Revision Date Summary
Petty Cash Funds and Change Funds A-15b-Petty_Cash_Funds_and_Change_Funds.pdf OAC 2019-07-01 This policy provides guidance and instructions to State departments and agencies that wish to establish a new petty cash fund or change fund and/or are currently managing one or more petty cash funds or change funds.
Physical and Environmental Security Policy ETSS_Policy_10-16_Physical_and_Environmental_Security__PE_.pdf DoIT 2022-11-08 To establish policy for the implementation of adequate physical and environmental security controls at data centers and facilities where data centers reside to ensure the protection of information systems and supporting components and infrastructure from physical and environmental hazards.
Policy for Charging Public Employee Payroll To the Coronavirus Relief Fund 2020.11.16_CRF_Payroll_Policy_PUBLISHED.pdf PRO 2020-11-16 This policy implements the guidance of the United States Department of Treasury and the Treasury Office of Inspector General concerning the use of the Coronavirus Relief Fund (“CRF”) to cover public employee payroll and benefits costs.
Pollution Remediation Obligations AC_166_A-66_Pollution_Remediation_Obligations_4-2-14.pdf OAC 2014-04-14 This policy ensures that the State of Rhode Island is compliant with the GASB Statement No. 49, Accounting and Financial Reporting for Pollution Remediation Obligations.
Procedure for Inactive RIFANS Users A-70_InactiveRIFANSUsers.pdf OAC 2018-02-01 Policy provides guidance for removal of inactive RIFANS users.
Procedure for Payments to Deceased Employees P-7_PaymentsDeceasedEmployees.pdf OAC 2018-02-01 Provides guidance for Human Resources and Payroll regarding processing payroll payments to deceased employees.
Prompt Payment Procedure AC_138_A-38_Prompt_Payment_Procedure.pdf OAC 1988-01-01 Guidelines ensuring payment of interest on certain state contracts which are paid late.
Purchase Cards AC_153_A-53_Purchase_Cards.pdf OAC 1988-01-01 Guidelines governing state agencies purchasing purchase cards in order to further the purposes, policies, and goalsw of the state.
Quarterly Reports Policy Quarterly_Reports_OMB.pdf OMB 2018-10-01 The State Budget Officer must submit quarterly reports of anticipated year-end balances.
Re-appropriation of State Funds OMB_Reappropriations_Policy_7-26-18.pdf OMB 2018-07-26 State agencies may re-appropriate unspent funds from the prior fiscal year under certain conditions.
Real Estate and Office Space Requests Policy DCAMM_Real_Estate_Requests_11-21-19.pdf DCAMM 2019-11-25 This policy governs the location and relocation of state agencies and employees to new or renovated office space.
Repairs to Insured State Property AC_119_A-19_Repairs_to_Insured_State_Property__10-27-10.pdf OAC 2010-10-27 Policies and Guidelines which govern repairs to property which is owned by the State of Rhode Island.
Repairs to Insured State Property A-19_RepairsInsuredStateProperty.pdf OAC 2016-10-11 Policy outlines requirements and procedures when insured state property has been damaged.
Restricted Account Indirect Cost Recovery AC_156_A-56_Restricted_Account_Indirect_Cost_Recovery.pdf OAC 2006-05-01 guidelines instructing state agency compliance with restrict accounts that are subject to deposit into the Rhode Island General Fund.
Restricted Account Indirect Cost Recovery Assessment A-56_RestrictedAccountIndirectCostRecoveryAssessment.pdf OAC 2016-10-19
RIFANS Delegation A-60_RIFANS_Delegation_Revised_Jan_2022.pdf OAC 2022-02-14 Policy explaining the delegation of approval authority when utilizing RIFANS
RIFANS Open Invoice Report A-72_OpenInvoiceReportRIFANS.pdf OAC 2018-02-01 Policy provides guidance for agencies using RIFANS regarding the use of the Open Invoice Report.
Risk Assessment Policy ETSS_Policy_10-25_Risk_Assessment__RA__.pdf DoIT 2022-11-08 To establish policy that effectively manages inherent risk, vulnerabilities, threats, and countermeasures based on the criticality of the information system and data to ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and availability, and achieve an acceptable level of enterprise risk.
Security and Risk Program Management ETSS_PM_1_Security_and_Risk_Program_Management_2020.pdf DoIT 2020-08-31 The Security and Risk Management Program defines the foundation for information technology security in Rhode Island. It establishes the Statewide information security standards, providing direction for the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to establish a set of standards for information technology security to maximize the functionality, security, and interoperability of the State’s distributed information technology assets, including, but not limited to, data classification and management, communications, and encryption technologies. These standards apply to all executive branch agencies.
Security Planning Policy ETSS_Policy_10-18_Security_Planning__PL_.pdf DoIT 2022-11-08 To establish policy for the effective management of Enterprise risk via a security planning program to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems and data.