# RI.gov: Rhode Island Government


Microformats are a quick, easily, and semantically valid way to present common types of data on a Web page, and empower users to use that data in ways that are beneficial.


Think of it this way:

“You marked-up something this way, so I’ll do it that way too”

By marking up these and other commonly used types of information on our Web pages, Web browsers, plugins and other tools can mine that data off of the page and use it in exciting ways. For example — an hCard can be downloaded to the desktop address book, or the hCalendar to a desktop calendar such as iCal or Outlook. An address could be automatically viewed in Google Maps™, ready for directions and printing.

Sample hCard code:

Cut and paste the code above into your Web page, and customize the content with your appropriate address information.

Plugins and tools to use Microformats: