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Think of a podcast as radio broadcast for your computer or MP3 music player. By subscribing to a podcast feed, you can automatically download your chosen audio or video content for listening or viewing whenever or wherever you like.

This is achieved by attached short audio or video files to an RSS, or XML feed. (For more information about RSS, please visit: http://www.ri.gov/rex/) That way, anytime the feed is updated, your Podcast software will automatically download the lastest podcast. Popular Podcasts can be found at many traditional and non-traditional news outlets alike, including from within the latest version of Apple's iTunes software. 

Podcasts on RI.gov are marked in the right column by the POD button. Clicking on either the title link, or this button will link you directly to the Podcast feed.

Learn more about how RI.gov can help get your agency started with podcasts by contacting us.

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