Real Numbers on April, 2018

Online Services

0 People purchased a Saltwater Fishing License online last month.
0 People purchased a Freshwater Fishing License online last month.
6,111 People renewed their Driver’s License online last month.
14,806 People renewed their Vehicle Registration online last month.
1,041 People obtained their Driving Record online last month.
201 People ordered a Rhode Island Vanity Plate online last month. Web Portal

178,500 Unique Visits last month

Google Chart

Top 5 Search Terms

34,680 Searches last month
  1. DMV
  2. beach pass
  3. jobs
  4. DEM
  5. tdi

Portal Traffic

23,043 Mobile visits last month

20.35% of all portal Traffic

Social Media

4,095 Photos added to Flickr
993 Fans on Facebook
7,886 Followers on Twitter
2,605 Followers on LinkedIn