2018 General Election

Attorney General

Unofficial results: Updated November 13, 2018 03:28 PM
421 of 421 precincts (100%) reporting for this race
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Attorney General

Ballot breakout
Total votes Pct
Peter F. Neronha (DEM)
  • Polling place: 254099
  • Mail ballots: 19849
273948 79.8%
Alan Gordon (Com)
  • Polling place: 62172
  • Mail ballots: 3439
65611 19.1%
  • Polling place: 3431
  • Mail ballots: 220
3651 1.1%

* Precincts with more than one ballot scanner may display as 100% reported despite results only being received from one scanner. Results will be updated when the results from any additional scanner(s) in that precinct are received.

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